Enjoy fresh live squid in Hakata! Experience the taste of squid being cut to order!

Enjoy fresh live squid in Hakata! Experience the taste of squid being cut to order!

I am in charge of PR for Hakata Uozora Miyako Hotel Branch.

Spring is deepening and the sun is shining just right for comfortable days.
How is everyone doing?

Now, we would like to introduce you to an excellent dish that we hope you will enjoy when you visit our restaurant!


◆"Yobuko Yarika Ikizukuri" is a must-try dish! The "Yobuko Yarikai Ikizukuri" is a must-try dish!

~The beauty of it is also remarkable~.

The fresh squid directly shipped from Yobuko is moved directly to the fish tank in the restaurant and is cooked to order!
You can enjoy the crunchy texture and the sweetness and flavor of freshness.
The sweet homemade soy sauce also enhances its taste!
And please pay attention to its visuals.
The beautiful transparency, a sign of freshness, may be hard to find.
It will surely be a great success when it is brought to your table.
We hope you will take a picture of it as a memory!


~A luxurious time with a limited time offer course.

The GW tourist season will soon be upon us, and we have prepared a special course for this period!

Limited time offer [4/27-5/6!] Hakata Dontaku Course 15,000 yen (tax included) with all-you-can-drink
In addition to the famous "live squid sashimi," a variety of premium ingredients such as Japanese black beef and Nodoguro (Japanese bluefin tuna) are used,
This is a luxurious 12-course menu.
In particular, the bluefin tuna can be prepared in different ways, such as "Aged Grilled," "Nigiri," and "Miso Soup," to enjoy different flavors.
The all-you-can-drink package, which includes beer and sake, will make your banquet a fulfilling one.
We invite both tourists and locals who are not going out to visit our restaurant this tourist season!


How was it?
In this issue, we introduced our specialty "live squid sashimi" and our GW limited course.
Please visit us when you come to Fukuoka.
We look forward to serving you.


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