Recommended for a welcome and farewell party in Hakata! Let's enjoy our specialties!

I am in charge of PR for Hakata Manfukui Box.
How are you doing these days with plum buds swelling and a fresh fragrance in the air?
In this issue, we would like to introduce the perfect dishes for a welcome and farewell party in Hakata.
The exquisite seafood dishes served in Hakata will surely make your gathering even more exciting!

Seafood Cuisine Recommended for Hakata Welcome and Farewell Parties

Our signature sashimi platter

Our sashimi platter is an assortment of fresh seafood shipped directly from domestic and overseas markets every day, which changes depending on the day. Enjoy the vivid colors with your eyes and the various textures and flavors with your taste buds. The assortment is composed according to the season and availability, so you will not be able to enjoy it all in one welcome and send-off party, so please come again and again.

The "ikizukuri," one of our most popular dishes, is fresh, live seafood purchased directly from fishermen and expertly prepared into a magnificent platter. The powerful sashimi will be the star of your welcome and farewell party. In addition, you can order the live sashimi as an individual dish or enjoy it in each course meal.

Fried Throat Blackfish (whole)] 11,990 yen (tax included)
Umakatare no Unton chawanmushi】1,859 yen (tax included)

Value-for-money course meals

Our restaurant offers a variety of special course menus starting from 10,000 yen (tax included), which includes our signature seafood dishes such as sashimi and sashimi sashimi with live squid. We also offer an all-you-can-drink plan, so you can choose according to the occasion. We are sure that this course, filled with dishes suitable for a welcome and farewell party, will make everyone's time together an enjoyable one.

Our restaurant offers a wide selection of sake and shochu that go perfectly with fresh seafood. In particular, our local sake, mainly from Kyushu, will allow you to fully enjoy the unique flavors of Hakata. We are sure that you will enjoy an exquisite match with our dishes at your welcome and farewell parties.

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