Hello, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.

Hello, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.

September is the month of appetite.
Today, we would like to introduce a dish suitable for such an appetizing fall.

〜Abalone and roasted abalone in a pot with sweet soybean paste
4,190 yen (4,690 yen)

The abalone is lavishly used in this dish, and the abalone's delicious flavor is enhanced by the aroma of the roasted abalone and the fragrance of the sea.
The moment when the staff pours hot oasan (bean paste) is also a powerful moment, and is one of the attractions that can be videoed or photographed!

The gentle taste of the aosa bean paste makes it a perfect match with sake!
It is especially perfect with sake 🍶.

Please try it when you visit our restaurant. ✨️

All of us at Uozora look forward to serving you!

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