Good evening, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.

Good evening, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.

How is everyone doing these days, now that the spring leaves have sprouted and are feeling lush and green?

A new wind has begun to blow in our restaurant, and we have decided to renew our menu.
We would like to introduce our newest addition to our menu.


Japanese chestnut and mitsumo Mont Blanc ¥900 (990 including tax)

A finely textured Mont Blanc.
One bite and the rich taste of Japanese chestnuts and honey potatoes will spread in your mouth.
Please enjoy it when you visit our restaurant! 🌰

This dessert can be ordered for both lunch and dinner 😊.

The staff at Uozora is looking forward to serving you!

Business Hours
11:00-15:00(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
17:00-23:00(Food,drink LO22:00)