Good evening, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse. | [Official] Hakata Fish Storehouse

Good evening, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.

Good evening, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse.
Recently, the weather has turned cooler and cooler with the change of seasons.
Please take care not to get sick due to the difference in temperature.

Today, we would like to introduce our limited time course "Christmas Course".

Christmas Course🎄
Limited to 5 days from 12/21 to 12/25!

Including drinks ¥15,000 per person

Course Content

Rose Sparkling or Champagne

Before meals] Gastronomic vinegar
Hakata bent-wood 8-sun
Miso soup - grated radish and leek
Mukozuke] Three kinds of today's sashimi (2pcs.)
Live squid sashimi
Japanese Black Beef Rib Eye with Aburi Untan Maki
Chopstick rest] Homemade raisin cheese
Strong snacks] Abalone Butter
Tempura of seasonal vegetables
Meal】Top quality nigiri (three pieces)
Miso soup with broiled bone broth of bluefin tuna
Today's dessert

This picture shows "Aburi Sea Urchin Wrapped with Black Beef Rib Eye" and "Abalone Butter" which are included in the Christmas course.
This is our original special course combining Japanese and Western 💕.

Why don't you spend a wonderful Christmas at our restaurant, Uozora?

The entire staff of Uozora is looking forward to serving you.

Business Hours
11:00-15:00(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
17:00-23:00(Food,drink LO22:00)