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🌸Season's recommended menu... 🌸

🌸Season's recommended menu... 🌸

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Today, we would like to introduce our seasonal recommended menu item, Tempura of Conger eel and spring vegetables.

Tempura of conger eel and spring vegetables ¥3,190 1~2 servings

This dish is made with conger eel from Tsushima and spring vegetables that are in season now.
Please try this one with homemade matcha salt or tempura dashi 😌✨.
*The contents of spring vegetables may change. Please understand beforehand.

This is a seasonal dish that can only be enjoyed now, so please try it when you visit Uozora. ☺️

The entire staff of Uozora is waiting for you with smiles!

(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
(Food and drink LO20:30)

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