🌟Introducing the seasonal menu... | 【Official】Hakata Fish Storehouse

🌟Introducing the seasonal menu...

🌟Introducing the seasonal menu...

Hello! We are Hakata Fish Storehouse.

Today, we would like to introduce our seasonal menu item, "Kakiage (Fried Sakura Prawns and Fava Beans)".

side dish served in order to encourage the consumption of alcohol (kaiseki cuisine)
Kaki-age of sakura shrimps and fava beans ¥1,490- for 1~2 persons

Sakuraebi are in season from the middle of March to the beginning of June, but in fact, April is the best time to eat them. Sakuraebi are also known as "jewels of the sea". Also, the season for fava beans is also in April.
Two seasonal ingredients are luxuriously kakiage (deep fried) in this dish ✨.
This is a seasonal menu item, so please try it when you visit Uozora🍀*.

Uozura staff look forward to serving you and your guests 😊✨.

(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
(Food and drink LO20:30)

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