Introducing Limited Edition Sake✨

Introducing Limited Edition Sake✨

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Today we would like to introduce our recommended limited edition sake.

SUZUMI HOJO Junmai Ginjyo Autumn

Sake made with Hachitan-Nishiki produced in Hiroshima Prefecture.
They are rounded and yet still sharp and clean. The beauty of this sharpness is the best part of the Tsurugi.
This type shines more brightly in food.

This sake is a great match with food as a sake for a meal. ☺️
Please ask our staff if you would like to try the limited edition sake when you visit the fish storehouse!

The Uozora staff welcomes you with a smile 😌✨.

(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
(Food and drink LO22:00)

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