Hello, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse!

Hello, this is Hakata Fish Storehouse!

Thank you for visiting ✨

Today, we would like to introduce in detail one of our seasonal menu items, "Asari and Mitsuba no Yuko-mushi" (Steamed Asari and Mitsuba with Ginger and Mitsuba).

~Steamed Asari and Mitsuba with Yuka (Japanese horseradish and mitsuba) - ¥2,190 for 1~2 persons

Our yuka steaming is slightly different from sake steaming.
The original broth of the ingredients and the refreshing citrus flavor are a perfect match for the Kumamoto Asari. ☺️
⚠️Some items may not be available depending on the availability of asari. Please understand in advance. 🙇‍♀️

When you come to Uozora, please try our steamed asari and mitsuba with yuka (aromatic herbs).... *.

All of us at Uozora will do our best to bring smiles and delicious food to our customers 💪.

(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
(Food and drink LO22:00)

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