✨2/3 Setsubun no hi, ✨

✨2/3 Setsubun no hi, ✨

Next month, Thursday, February 3, will be Setsubun.
Setsubun is one of the miscellaneous festivals and is the day before the beginning of each season. It also means "dividing" the seasons. Speaking of things to do on Setsubun, there are two things: "mamemaki" (bean-throwing) and "ehomaki" (rolls wrapped in ehoumaki)!

The Eho-maki is a sushi roll that is eaten facing in the direction of the god of the year, which is believed to be the direction of good fortune in the Yin-Yang system of Chinese Yin-Yang. Since the sushi roll is eaten facing in this direction, it came to be called "ehoumaki" or "ehouzushi.

At our restaurant, Uozora, you can reserve "Uozora ehomaki" and "Nodotoro ehomaki" between 1/11~1/29😊.
The delivery period is from 2/1 to 2/3.

Please enjoy the unique ehomaki at Uozora!

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