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✨Notice of ✨Limited Courses✨

✨Notice of ✨Limited Courses✨

Limited to Sangha days from 1/1 to 1/3!

New Year's Eve: 12 dishes
18,000 yen (all-you-can-drink not included)

Before meals Bishoku Vinegar

Hakata celebratory appetizer

soup - Fuku, Knot, Mitsuba

Mukozuke - three kinds of sashimi

sashimi sashimi Ise lobster

Iekimono Roast Beef

steamed with a cloud of soybean paste and a ball of soybean paste

Deep-fried sea bream

Meal: 3 special nigiri (three pieces)

Tome-bowl - lobster with miso soup

pickled ginger

Water dish Dessert of the day

This is by appointment only.
A special course only available on Sangha Day. The course is a special course only available on Sangha Day, and is a superb dish that cannot be enjoyed on ordinary occasions.
Why don't you and your family have a good time at Uozora?

The staff at Uozora is looking forward to serving you✨.

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