✨Introduction to Sake, ✨

✨Introduction to Sake, ✨

Junmai Junmai glass 790 yen 1 gou&koboshi 1,490 yen

This sake is a junmai sake made by Imazato Shuzo in Nagasaki Prefecture.
The aroma is mild, while the flavor is soft and crisp, and the original sweetness of the rice can be felt.

It has a slightly sweet taste, so it goes great with our signature grilled aged nodoguro (bluefin tuna) or the now-in-season dried bigeye salmon ✨.
Please enjoy a glass of delicious sake along with delicious food... 🍶.

The staff of Uozora is looking forward to serving you!

(Food LO14:00,drink LO14:30)
(Food and drink LO20:30)

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